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Test Chambers

ECC Series

Test chamber for constant climate condition

Test chamber for constant climate conditions. Provides long-term stable climate control for stability tests. Humidity controls and refrigeration for near-sub ambient work.

LCD colours touch screen display controls for temperature humidity with a variety of options and real-time clock.

Temperature range: 0°C to +70°C, variation with humidity +/- 1°C.

Humidity range: 10% r.H to 90% r.H., relative humidity fluctuation +/-2%.

Collecting pan for condensate on the door.

Inner glass door.

Independent adjustable temperature safety device, with optical and acoustic alarm.

Complete safety connection kit for water supply including water hose and drain.

Access port with silicone plug, dia. 40mm.

Two stainless steel wire shelves included.

Three stainless steel wire shelves included for 430L and 720L cabinets.